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A little about me!

I’m 61 (born 1957) , female and grew up in Blackpool, England. I came to Canada in 2000. I am an active person and have always enjoyed various sports and activities throughout my life. This blog is my personal journey of a hip replacement.


As a child I was made to do ballet in order to strengthen my legs due to having been born severely knock kneed. I had to undergo physio for many months at around the age of 3 years old. My parents were advised to get me swimming and it took 3 years for my name to come to the top of the list to have private swimming lessons which was the only way to learn back then. Thankfully I was allowed to stop the ballet, much to my relief, and I really enjoyed swimming and still do. I gained bronze, silver and gold awards for personal survival at a young age. I also gained certificates for the Amateur Swimming Association awards. The only thing stopping me certifying in lifesaving was my age. I was too young by 4 years.


My real main sport was that of judo. In January 1966 I began judo at the age of 8 1/2 and always wanted to earn that coveted black belt which I did at the age of 19 in 1976. I spent most of my time training for that black belt. I also helped teach the children’s classes and some of the adult classes.Being female, I was something of a rarity back then because it was very much a man’s world and many of the peers I trained with were, in fact, male. My mother was concerned that my hips may suffer damage, despite being taught how to fall properly. Now I think back and wonder myself if that had anything to do with needing a new hip all these years later.