Physiotherapy (different clinic)

1st Appointment April 22 2021

This session was a lot of questions about my condition and pain. There was a lot of history of tests and I linked the physio herself to my Pocket Health Account so she can see results. She did comment, as many other have done, about the fact that I am flexible not just for my age but for any age. I can still touch my toes (in fact I can get palms down on the floor) and my range of movement is extremely good. She did all the testing of range of movement to ascertain if any of those movements caused pain. She did massage the area and I came out of the first session with a far more positive vibe than from the physio that (in my opinion) triggered this whole mess in the first place. it was recommended that I have 2 sessions the following week.

2nd Appointment April 27 2021

This session was a test of my flexibility and seeing if and where I hurt by doing certain movements. There was hands on massage in the lower back area on both sides and I was given an exercise to do that helps to stretch the side.

Hip Flexor Stretch with arm stretch. By kneeling on the floor (on a pillow) and placing one foot out and pushing the hip forward on the other leg, you then stretch your arm up (on the side where the knee is on the floor)  and over your head to the side thus stretching the side muscles. Hold for 30 seconds each side and do this twice daily.

3rd Appointment April 30 2021

This time the physio did more hands on massage and went a little deeper than last time. She massaged the side where the pain is in my lower back and also a little to the front where I had been feeling pain. My shoulder blade had been feeling pain this past week so that was massaged too along with base of my neck. This felt better for the rest of the day. I was given an additional exercise which I have done before called Bird Dog.

. Bird Dog

4th Appointment May 7 2021

The physio was some hands on and also discussing the current exercises. I was having more pain with the Bird Dog and seeing no effects. We cancelled this and incorporated a new one, still keeping the Hip Flexor Stretch.

The new exercise is Abdominal Bracing (as done with the pain clinic exercises and indeed after hip replacement) but with an added control of the legs in turn.

Abdominal Bracing

Lie on your back, breathe in deeply into the belly and on breathing out push your back into the floor and curl your belly button towards your chin. As you breathe out, lower one leg to the floor. Repeat 5 times each side.

It would now be 10 days until my next appointment and exercises are to be done twice a day.

May 19 2021

I was having a bad day today and was in pain from waking. The physio did more hands on treatment and concentrated on my side where I was feeling pain. Exercises have been kept the same but I can do more repetitions if I feel they are getting too easy. I am still doing 10 to 15 minutes on the bike 3 to 4 times a week but at times it is painful. I am concerned the lack of movement will  not be good for my knee or hip so try to time the bike when I feel up to it. On leaving physio I was fine but a couple of hours later I felt almost the worst I have felt in a long while and that continued for 2 days. After that I had a few good days.

May 28 2021

This session was more hands on and felt OK when she was massaging and this time I felt OK afterwards. I asked the all important question at this session as it was my 6th visit, as to when to decide that physio was not working. She gave me the hip bridge as a new exercise and told me to make an appointment for 2 weeks.

Hip Bridge

Lie flat on your back and raise your hips keeping your torso in a straight line and squeezing your buttocks. Hold for 10 seconds and release. To strengthen better, do  not fully touch the floor when coming down but lightly touch and raise again immediately. Also once raised, using a tension band around the knees, flex the knees out to the side. Do all of these 10 times, twice a day.

NOTE – Later this same day I had the phone consultation with the physiatrist concerning the neurologist and the EMG findings. During this consultation we talked about physio and she recommended that as I was not feeling the benefit yet to stop physio until the MRI has been done and take it from there as to whether or not to continue.



Recovery Notes

May 12 2021

This day was monumental for two reasons. The first being I felt OK enough to take a 10 minute walk around the block. The second thing that happened was that my benefit company called me and discussing my case had decided to approve my Long Term Disability payment until July 3 2022, the day before my 65th birthday when I can claim my Canadian pension. It will be another year after that until I can claim my UK state pension. I felt relieved that I do not have to check in with them every 3 months or so. They agreed that the medical evidence supports that I am unable to work and should I feel up to going back to just let them know, As much as I would like to return to the workplace it now means I can concentrate on recovery without worry. Standing is still a major issue for me and the mere thought of standing 8 hours a day makes me queasy.

Continuation of tests etc. will now be on the back pain page