Pre-op Health check

Pre-op with GP

November 27 2018 was the pre-op check up with the doctor.

The doctor checked my height and weight. My blood pressure was 139/73 which is good. I was given a new modified form for work to work with limitations due to my condition. I was topped up with prescriptions to last until after surgery. When picking up part of my prescription, (unable to pick up all the painkillers at the same time) it was suggested to me that I sign a form to allow my husband to pick my prescriptions up for me. I did not know this was an option and was willing to sign the form. I certainly won’t be mobile enough for the first few weeks after surgery.

The next thing to do in the process is Hip School at the hospital where I have the surgery. Prior to hip school I researched online with Google and YouTube. I found lots of good articles from various hospitals and videos helped to visualise how to cope after surgery.