Keep up the good work, no matter how hard it feels!!

Day 29

Although I am sleeping better, I am still waking up every 3-4 hours for the bathroom. I am sure that this is as a result on sleeping on my back, which is not my sleep position of choice, as well as I think it is not a good bladder position.

I was not quite as swollen when waking up as I had been but it soon came back. My foot is still numb and my arch is painful. I decided to place an insole into my slippers to give my arch a little more support.

Day 30

I had a very restless night’s sleep, mostly due to muscle spasms. The muscle spasms were worse in my non-operated leg than in my operated leg. I realised during today when doing exercises that this was partially due to doing exercises.

My sleep pattern was as follows am, back to sleep 6am, woke at 7am, then dozed 7-8am. At 8am I elevated my feet got 30 minutes, then completed exercises before getting up.

Physio appointment

I was given additional exercises, see Post-Operative Exercises Week 2-6 for details

I was also advised to hold the existing exercises for the full 5 seconds, rather than the recommended 2-5 seconds. This is all about endurance and building up muscles now.

I was given 3 new exercises, mini squat, standing leg lift and one leg bridge. The exercise routine is now becoming a longer procedure but well worth it.


Keep the focus on long term recovery. The journey to get there may not come easy but it will be worth the hard work.

My foot is very swollen and numb today and was difficult to get my trainers on, despite loosening the laces.

I was instructed to walk down the corridor a short distance and back whilst the physiotherapist watched how I walked.

I was told to walk indoors only with a cane a couple of times a day without overdoing it.

It is important to not overdo it. I repeat, it is important not to overdo it. You will not necessarily know overdone it until you hurt, so be conscious of not pushing yourself too hard.

I was told by the physiotherapist that I was doing very well, even though at times you might not feel like you are, it was nice to have it confirmed. I ask how I’m doing because I feel I need to know and they may not always tell you.

I was also told to stand at the kitchen counter and balance by putting weight on my operated leg for a few seconds at a time. This is to be done as tolerated. At first, most of the weight will be on your hands on the counter, but the goal is, over time, for the weight to go to the leg. This can be most painful so as tolerated should be taken seriously.

I asked when I am allowed to sleep on my side. The physiotherapist referred to a binder for the details, explaining that each surgeon has different rules depending on their approach. I was surprised to learn that my surgeon had no restrictions, so I decided I was side sleeping if possible tonight!

Day 31 

Side sleeping for the first time in months!!


I slept on my un-operated side for 6 hours solidly. I woke up for the bathroom and then slept another 2 hours. I did feel a little stiff in my left knee due to the swelling and the meniscus tear but nothing had felt this good in a long time. I slept that much I almost felt groggy.


I was finding it hard work to hold the exercises for the full 5 seconds and 10 repetitions. However, I am determined to do the exercises. I found the single leg bridge very hard to do and following the traffic light protocol and the advice of  “as tolerable” decided to not do this one 3 times today and just did it twice.

Soon normal walking will happen

Walking with cane

I have done 3 trips up and down the hallway with just a cane. This may not sound a lot but this is an adised number of times, remembering not to overdo things. It is a very different feeling to walk without a walker and with just a cane. It is all about practice and building up those muscles.

I didn’t think my legs and feet were as swollen as they have been in the evening. They are still swollen but did not feel as sore.

Day 32

I could see both my ankles and toes today which was a pleasant surprise. The arch of my foot does not seem as aggravatingly painful today and whilst it is still sore has felt a little better.

Today was more or less a repetition of yesterday incorporating the new exercises it into the routine. The one leg bridge is an alternate day exercise, so today was the regular bridge. I can’t say I wasn’t happy about this fact but tomorrow I will be sure to re-incorporate it into the routine as tolerated. The exercises are taking longer but this is the only way to better movement and for sure there is nothing as important going on in my life at the moment!

I had much more patience today and spent time on my laptop researching things and spent a great deal of the day knitting.

I completed 4 repetitions today of the exercises bit I felt a little sore and achy because of this.

Swelling does not seem quite as bad.

Day 33

I did not have a great sleep last night and it took 2 hours for me to actually fall asleep. Normally I can be asleep in minutes. The swelling did not seem to be as bad on waking although once on my feet gravity sends swelling downwards. The arch under my foot was very painful today.

Patience again seems to be a good level and I spent a good deal of the day knitting again. It does feel good to be doing something again that takes patience and concentration.

I did 3 lots of exercises because 4 seemed too much today the way I felt.

Practicing walking with a cane at least 3 times a day, just walking up and down the hallway. I can walk with a better gait this way but am no means ready to walk with a cane outdoors. I was told strictly only cane walking indoors by the physiotherapist and I am all for behaving and doing what I’m told!!

By the time it gets to 10.00- 10.30pm my body feels tired, I am in discomfort with my foot and my patience is wearing thin. Also there is only so much sitting you can do!

Day 34

Apart from the occasional difficult night, my sleep pattern seems to be settling into 11pm to 7am. Side sleeping is helping with both quality of sleep and not needing the bathroom as many times during the night.

The arch under my foot was extremely sore today and felt worse as the day progressed. Elevating feet helps to reduce swelling and this in turn helps my foot feel a little better…… for a while.

Walked a little further round the block today. Seemed to take the same amount of time (10-12 minutes) but due to walking a good bit further I think I was walking a little faster. Walking is still slow, but as I have been told by the physiotherapists all walking is good.