This is my hip X-ray

The Diagnosis

October 30th 2018 was the consultation with the orthopaedic surgeon. The surgeon explained the X-ray and explained what was involved in a hip replacement. Looking at the X-ray it is visible that there is no space between the ball and socket which means that the cartilage, which allows for ease of movement, was obviously not there. This means that the joint is bone on bone and explains why it is so painful. The surgeon also checked my mobility and range of movement in my hip, of which it is very limited. I was told I am a candidate for a hip replacement and was shown a couple of implants to see what they were like. It is a ball and socket joint with a tapered tail that is inserted into the bone. I was also told that my right leg was approximately 3/4″ longer than the left and would be evened out during surgery!


The prognosis of hip replacement is exceptionally positive. There are hip precautions to observe and exercises to do at home as well as physio at the hospital. As long as this is done then recovery is good.

Moving Forward

I was given a package which I have to take with me to all future appointments. I was also given dates for the procedures ahead.

The package contained information about what to expect at the hospital, the equipment to buy  to be prepared, the exercises to do and forms to fill out yourself and forms to give to both my GP to fill out and to take to the pre-op at the hospital.

Hip School (at the hospital) – November 22nd 2018

Hip replacement surgery – January 4th 2019

Hospital Pre-Op (given later by phone) December 7th 2018

It was up to me to see my GP for a pre-op appointment. I booked the date for November 27th 2018

I came out of the surgeon’s office happy that the new year was going to bring me relief. I can’t say I was looking forward to surgery or the extensive recovery but looking further I was looking forward to being back to normal.