Equipment Needs

The following is a list of equipment that may be recommended to you for your safety and independence. Take advice from your occupational therapist/physiotherapist to select the items you will require.

Bathroom Aids

  • Height adjustable shower chair
  • Height adjustable bath transfer bench
  • Tub mounted grab bar
  • Wall mounted grab bar (for shower and/or bath area)
  • Raised toilet seat with arms (clamp on)
  • Raised toilet seat (clamp on) for us with a Versa Frame
  • Stationary Commode

Dressing Aids

  • Long shoe horn
  • Sock Aid
  • Elastic laces
  • Reacher

Ambulatory Aids

  • Standard walker
  • 2-wheeled walker
  • Rollator walker
  • High wheeled walker
  • Crutches
  • Cane


  • Hand held shower
  • Rubber bath mat
  • Long handled sponge
  • Wedge seat cushion
  • Raised seat cushion
  • Transfer board
  • Mechanical lift/sling
  • Emergency response system

Personal experience

I purchased all my equipment from Amazon Canada. Partially due to difficulty shopping and getting it home and partially due to their competitive prices. I enquired about rental equipment and discovered it was cheaper to purchase.

I have 2 raised toilet seats with handles, one for the bedroom en-suite bathroom and one for the main level powder room.

I purchased a thrift store pair of crutches and borrowed another set of crutches, again for use on both levels.

I was given a standard walker and also purchased a 2-wheel walker.

Other items were a cane (all-weather), raised cushion for both the car (passenger side) and dining chairs. Lock laces for boots, long handled shoe horn (I went with a stainless steel one,) 32″ reacher (I’m 5′ 2″), wide sock aid, self wipe toilet tissue aid along with Cottonelle wet wipes, bed risers, washcloths, Carex ice bag, several ice packs with covers, an executive office chair (recommended to us by the nurse for after surgery) along with static feet instead of wheels and a laptop table with adjustable height to use with the office chair.