During surgery the surgeon will dislocate the hip which stretches the tissues surrounding the hip joint. After surgery, until the tissues heal, there is an increased risk of hip dislocation. Your surgeon will advise the duration of hip precautions but it is usual to be 8-12 weeks.

Precautions – Flexion

Do NOT bend the new hip past 90°. A right angle is 90° so do not bend the new hip on an angle less than 90°. This includes positions of lying, sitting and standing.

Avoid low seating surfaces and sitting for too long a time.

Precautions – Leg Crossing

Do NOT cross your legs or ankles.  This includes when sitting, standing or lying. Separate legs with a wedge or pillow.

Precautions -Rotations

Avoid twisting the hips either outwards or inwards.

Includes positions of sitting, standing or lying.

After Surgery

Pain, bruising and swelling are NORMAL.

  • Pain is controlled with medication and ice
  • Swelling is controlled with ice and elevation
  • Use ice on your operative hip for 10 minutes every 2 hours (avoiding direct skin contact)
  • Elevate your leg on 2 pillows for 15-30 minutes 3-4 times a day and pump your ankle up and down to help move the fluid out of your ankle

At home remember to perform the exercises that you were given by the therapist. Your recovery is dependent on the effort you put in. Continue to use the walking aid you were advised to use.