Keep hanging in there….it will be worth it.

There will be bad days and you need to tell yourself to never give up.

Day 69

I am now able to do the exercises quite easily so I already know that they will be “stepped up” at the physio follow up in 2 days time.

My foot was sore today which has not happened in a while. I am also thinking that some of the toes may have a little more feeling to them, although they are still numb which is now quite annoying. Thankfully it does not hinder me when I walk or drive.

Today I made an appointment for a medical pedicure with a qualified chiropodist. FYI chiropodist and podiatrist are the same thing, just that podiatrist is a more modern name. I am not able to cut my own toe nails and my husband is not good at doing it for me! I also have an ingrowing nail as well as calluses and decided it was time to get my feet cared for properly. I was also scared of an infection from a nail salon and it is a practical reason I am going and not for “pretty” toes.

Day 70

My big achievement today was that I drove myself and visited 3 local stores today. It is hard work but getting easier. It is very tiring getting in and out of the car and walking around a store. However, the more I can do little by little is aiding in a full recovery.

There will be days when you do not feel up to doing walks, or exercises. I am doing exercises irrespective of how I feel, other than when in pain. If I am in pain I will either stop for one day or ease up for one day and do some exercises and not the ones that hurt. Despite being eager to want to be fully recovered there is a time we all need to listen to our bodies. Do not push through pain, it will not help in the long term. Pain is not good and is very different from soreness.

Day 71

Next challenge – walking without a cane and tackling stairs

Physio appointment

I was told that I am on track and doing well. The exercises that I was doing with a tension band are still on my list of exercises, however, the tension band has been doubled for more tension. These are the Standing Hip Extension with resistance band and Standing Hip Abduction with resistance band. These exercises and more are addressed on the page Exercises week 10-12.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks, which I know I will need. Why the physio seemed to think I might not need another one (mentioned last appointment) I do not know because there are still more exercises after the new ones given this week.

Later this day I went for a couple of things to Walmart. This is a very large store and whilst I only shopped for a couple of things the walking I did was way more than round the block! It did not seem as hard today but I still took it slowly.

Day 72

I work as a supervisor in a large retail thrift store, which is why I will probably be in recovery for more than 12 weeks, due to the fact I am on my feet all day. So today I drove myself to the store to see everyone. It felt nice to be told I was missed! I also managed to do a little shopping, although trying clothes on was out of the question (yep those hip precautions are STILL in place!) but I got lucky and the 2 pair of pants I picked up actually fit!

After visiting work I ran one more quick errand to another store.

The new exercises were VERY difficult. The doubled over tension band made it very hard. The side steps were easier than the step up but still difficult.

I had timed my elevated legs and exercises before I went out and I was very tired after this afternoon’s outing so went to lie down and then do exercises.

Day 73

I woke up feeling sore this morning, which made my decision to start taking an anti-inflammatory again. These had originally been prescribed for my knee problem (meniscus tear and bakers cyst) and I wanted to see if it made a difference. I will be able to exercise better if my knee would ease up a little.

Went shopping for a few groceries and found it extremely hard. My thigh muscles were very painful on my operated leg and walking, even with a cart, was not easy. I find that people are very considerate on the whole when they see me walking slowly and with a cane. It’s very obvious I have mobility issues and at the grocery store people kindly moved their carts for me, or stepped to the side. That is, apart from an employee who actually squeezed between myself and the shelves (the other side of the aisle was blocked for restocking) because he did not want to wait one minute for me to pass. This resulted in the employee actually pushing me out of the way! I was so disgusted that I complained to Head Office.

Day 74

Still felt sore and stiff. I did the exercises, other than the tension ones, due to feeling sore. I am stiff in my thigh, bottom and top of thigh but not quite in the groin. All feels like muscle pain. It is painful so I do not want to aggravate it because I have plans for a day out tomorrow out of town. Although I am not doing the driving I want to feel better than I have for the past 2 days.

Day 75

Today was Father’s Day so we did our first significant trip out to a restaurant just over an hour away to meet family. We stopped just over half way there so I could get out and stretch my legs. It isn’t easy still being under hip precautions and being stuck in a car. I took the built-up cushion for both the car and for the restaurant. Visiting the washroom was interesting. Not only were the washrooms downstairs but there was no handicapped toilet. So, I just stuck out the operated leg and took it slowly using the sink and the wall for balance and support. This would have been very difficult new into this journey.

I am still not doing the Theraband exercises due to my thighs being so sore that it hurts to walk at times. However, I am still doing all the other exercises. Doing step ups is very difficult but I am struggling with them rather than not do them at all.