Got to work on the steps

Day 76

Chiropodist visit

Still a little sore but feeling much better today. I had an appointment with a chiropodist (modern word is podiatrist) this morning for a medical pedicure.  I don’t care about pretty feet, just functional feet! I had nails trimmed and filed and callouses removed. I also cannot reach my feet to do this myself so needed help in this department!

When the chiropodist was cleaning my feet I involuntarily jumped. He told me that my reflexes were very good. Strangely they were better in the numb foot.

My thigh was still sore from the new exercises but I decided as I was already out of the house I would go thrift shopping for an aerobic step. I was very surprised when I got exactly what I needed and it was only $6. This is easier than the stairs because the stairs are steeper and also the railing is the wrong side for my side steps and I have nothing to hold onto for balance. The aerobic step is adjustable to 3 levels so even better!

This helped with step-ups and side steps

I went easy on the new exercises because I was sore. This really gets your thighs and are the hardest exercises yet. At this stage it is building up stamina.

Day 77

Woke up with a bad migraine this morning that eased a little as the day progressed but didn’t go away entirely. Due to this I went easy on the exercises. Later in the evening I developed an upset stomach, so today was  not a good day. There are more good days than bad and you have to just keep going!

Day 78

My thighs are sore above the knee and I know I overdid the new exercises. When you are told to BUILD UP to 10 repetitions, start off with 3 and build up gradually. I did 3 and then decided I was OK to do more. NO !!!! I paid the price for being over ambitious. It doesn’t take much to overdo it either! I did the exercises better today but didn.t push it too much. I went grocery shopping which can substitute for a walk around the block. In fact I probably walked further than a trip around the block.

Day 79

The step-ups are hard, make no mistake about this, but they are starting to get easier. I don’t do them at the same time as the other exercises and prefer to stagger them. As long as exercises are done enough times throughout the day you can adjust to your own preferences. Again a grocery trip sufficed for walking. It’s easy to get a few items here and there and also gets me driving and negotiating shopping.

Day 80

Today was a totally different feeling and I knew as soon as I woke up and started to move that I was moving more fluidly and easier. I felt really good. I found that I was not putting as much weight on my cane and it was there more for a bit of balance. The new exercises were starting to help strengthen, although there is a long way to go.

Day 81

Still feeling good and easier to walk. It gives you motivation to keep going, which can be very very difficult at times when you feel bad. I just tell myself to not give up! BE POSITIVE !!

Exercises are becoming a little easier and I am finding it easier to do the steps. My foot and toes are still a little numb but it doesn’t seem to bother me quite as much as it did early on. It isn’t the focus of how I feel and I have no issue driving.

Day 82

Still felt good today and did some more shopping. I always take a cart and put my cane in there and do not buy too many things so I don’t have too much to carry.

Again steps and exercises are still are getting easier.