Day 42

Orthotic fitting

As far as my hip is concerned everything is the same. My foot, however, is very painful which is why I am seeing the rehabilitation office that the surgeon has referred me to.

Whilst this is a foot problem and you may not think it is relevant to the hip surgery, but it may be more connected than first thought. Talking to the chiropodist she explained that often a foot problem cannot be noticed when a hip is out of alignment. It is only when the hip is back in alignment that a foot issue becomes more apparent.

Arch problem

In my case the arch has dropped which may be in part to surgery and also the arthritis in my foot.  Normally I wear Doc Marten boots for work and sometimes outside work ( I have several pairs) but she explained how I need a rigid running shoe that does not flex like the ones I was wearing. I can only get my feet currently in a pair of running shoes due to swelling but they have little or no support.

Hoping I can get my feet back into my “Docs”

My feet were measured and scanned so the shape of my feet became a 3D image on the computer. From there the orthotics are made to fit my feet. This usually takes about 2 weeks. Because I was referred by a surgeon and he wrote a prescription  it means I will be able to claim from my benefit plan.

It was also suggested I buy a new pair of orthotic running shoes. These are not flexible and are a rigid fit. It is also cheaper to buy the shoes with the orthotics and then the shoes become half price. The ones I chose looked like regular running shoes. Despite my age I am not an “old” person and disliked quite a few of the shoes on that premise alone.

Compression socks

I was also prescribed 3 pairs of compression socks. Quite surprisingly I was handed a catalogue to choose from that had many designs and colours. I had no idea there were so many choices. There are different degrees of compression and the surgeon had prescribed the second level of compression for both the fact that they are better bit also that benefits will pay for them. The compression socks are all knee high, which makes sense to help swelling but I dislike knee socks personally. I am told they are difficult to get on so I’m sure I will not be able to put these on myself.  I had to leave a hefty deposit for the orthotics so these things do not come cheap. I will list the costs when I get the items in 2 weeks and pay for them.

Day 43

I was checked out by the physiotherapist on the strength of my muscles and how I could resist her pushing my leg. She also pulled my operated leg outward from my body as I lay on my back. She was very impressed with my range of motion and decided there were abduction exercises that I did not need to be given. I was given new exercises but, thankfully, the original ones from day 2 were taken away, as were some others from the first physio follow up. These have been addressed on a different post.


I asked the physiotherapist how  my progress was and if I was on track. I was told that I was doing extremely well and was a little ahead of most patients at the 6 week mark. She did also add that I was not too far ahead to be in “trouble” like some patients are that it is obvious they have broken precautions.

It all comes back to do what you are told to do. Do NOT skip exercises nor do ones that you have not yet been assigned. All in good time. Thi is a recovery period and regulations must be adhered to.

I was instructed to walk with a cane while the physiotherapist watched my gait. She was very pleased how I walked with a cane and needed no coaching. She watched me walk up and down steps, commenting on the fact that she was glad to see I went up the stairs with a bent “bad” leg and not a stiff leg. However she had me come down the stairs with the good leg first, which is against what we are taught, so that there is less chance of tumbling now I am only using a cane.

I have now been told to use a cane all the time unless going on a long walk (which I have not yet done.) I was also advised that on a trip to the grocery store (not even on my radar yet) that I should use the cart for support. This would be like I did prior to surgery.

I am finally allowed to sleep on my stomach!! 

Day 44

I slept last night both on my stomach and my good side. This is the first time I woke up knowing I had turned in my sleep. Don’t forget the importance of sleeping with a pillow between your knees. My sleep was very much improved due to being able to sleep on my stomach but I feel that I turned because my foot was a little painful on my stomach.

The new exercises were very difficult at first and only a 2 second hold was pulling and stretching new muscles.

Day 45

Today was a good day. I slept well and was finding walking easier today with a cane. I had visitors today who were amazed at my progress. The pain in my foot was more tolerable today.

Day 46

I slept well again, turning in my sleep. However I noticed on getting out of bed that I was stiffer than I had been in a while and was sore when I moved. I put this down to the effect of the new exercises so decided to take it a little slower doing the exercises today. My foot pain was a lot worse today and I am not sure why. It may be a little bit more swollen.

Day 47                                                                MILESTONE DAY!!

I decorated my cane with peacock design duct tape!

Despite my foot being sore today, my milestone was that I walked to the mailbox and back with my cane, NOT the walker! It was a little bit scary outside with a cane on my own but it is another hurdle overcome!

Day 48

My foot is still sore but I am hoping the orthotics and compression socks will help. I exercised the usual 3 times a day but a little bit more reserved because I was feeling a little sore and stiff.

Walking, I’m told is all good, so I walked up and down the hallway several times today to help unstiffen and practice with the cane.

Day 49                                                         MILESTONE DAY !

I walked around the block today (as instructed with the walker.) I walked accompanied by my husband because this was my first time trying this. First time I got around the whole block!!

I raised my legs a little higher today on more pillows and it seemed to help the swelling go down a little more. The new exercises seemed a little easier today. I need to be conscious of not overdoing it. I am doing the correct amount of holding in place and repetitions but I think I may have lifted my leg higher than I should have done.