Day 35

Slept really well through the night but woke up at 6am feeling a little “off.” Realised as soon as I sat upright to get out of bed that I needed to hurry up to the bathroom. I vomited despite having digested all my food from hours before. At this stage I was glad because I cannot bend to the toilet and had to stand over the sink. I just thought whatever happens I cannot break hip precautions by bending to the toilet.

I felt very achy and sore today and wondered if my body was telling me it needed a rest and I decided to take a day off from doing exercises. I did still practice walking with a cane so that I was still helping myself in my rehabilitation. My foot was still sore and the swelling seems to be about the same as it has been for the past week.

Day 36/37

These 2 days were just the same. Swelling and my foot were as there had been. I practiced walking with the cane several times a day and ensured my exercises were done 3 times per day.

On Day 37 I walked outdoors again (escorted) and again walked further than previously. I was undecided whilst walking whether or not to try to walk around the whole block. I decided against it, thinking it was a little too ambitious. After turning around and walking home I was glad that I had not walked further because I felt that I had done enough

Day 38 – Surgeon 6 week check-up

6 week X-ray. looks the same as the Day 2 x-ray which is good.

I asked the surgeon what he is looking for in the 6 week X-ray versus the day 2 X-ray. He is looking for NO changes. The fact that this looks the same (minus the staples) is a very good sign that there is no loosening going on, which leads to the strong probability that the bone is growing into the implant which is what should happen.

It was at this appointment that I asked what the screw was made from (I had forgotten previously) and it was confirmed to be titanium. The staples were confirmed to be stainless steel. I have since edited the “last minute problems” page of this blog.

The surgeon now needs a follow up appointment at 12 weeks but at his office not, like today, at the hospital.

On phoning his office I cannot get an appointment until 14 weeks post surgery which is July 9, 2019. So obviously I’m not going back to work prior to that appointment.

Day 39/40

Still swollen but does not seem quite as bad. Elevating legs on waking up as well as 2 further times a day seems to ease the swelling . Still doing exercises as well as elevating legs. Walking up and down the hallway 3-4 times a day with a cane.

Day 41

Swelling is the same. Exercising 3 times a day. New exercises seem to now becoming easier. I am able to hold the leg in position for longer and I am able to do more repetitions. Standing on the operated leg to balance is difficult but is “as tolerated”, so I am being conscious of not overdoing it. Also the one leg bridge is difficult but is getting a little easier.