Still feels like climbing a mountain, but things are getting easier

Day 22


I have no choice today but to fend for myself. There were a few things we planned with a little foresight

  • Ensure preferred foods are on the top or second shelf in the fridge
  • Containers with salad stuff (celery/cucumber/radish) already prepped
  • Ensure that one yogurt carton was pulled from the bottom and placed on the top shelf
  • Plastic plates and bowls place on kitchen table. In case of droppage, plastic seemed a better option
  • Ensured kettle was filled up before my husband left for work.
  • Jug of water placed at side of kettle. I would not be able to lift a heavy jug or a full kettle from the sink to the counter
  • Breakfast cereals and snacks from a low cupboard placed on kitchen table
  • Using the lidded bowls I use for lunch at work in order to transport from microwave to my laptop table which doubles up as a dinner table
  • I also, did not move without my phone either in my pocket or in the bag I had attached to the walker. I have a couple of friends on call and did not want to not be able to access my phone.

Today I felt like I needed to walk little and often, so did my trips up and down the hallway. I felt sore and tired by the time I went to bed. I am taking tylenol at 11pm, 7am and 3pm. I went to bed later tonight because a friend phoned me late in the evening and felt OK staying up till midnight.

Day 23

I woke up at 6am again but dozed and listened to music until 8am. I then elevated my legs for 30 minutes and then did the usual exercises before heading downstairs.

Today I felt very sore and very stiff.  The weather is very damp and rainy and I don’t know if there is a correlation. I have heard that there could be with implant patients. I also wondered if I had overdone the walking and exercising yesterday so decided to pull back a little today and not be quite so “gung ho| about exercising so many times. I think I had done more than I planned.

I felt OK as the day went on and did exercise and walk but not as vigorously. This seemed to do the trick and I felt fine as the day went on. I did make sure I elevated my legs twice today so I could relax.

Keeping busy

There is only so much Netflix any one can stomach, although it has been invaluable. I am starting to feel I can concentrate on doing other things. Some crafting I would need to be sat more upright and might break hip precautions so I have been doing other things to occupy my time.


Crosswords, sudoku and puzzle books              Reading conventional books                      Kindle reading, my favourite

Day 24

Removed all the steri strips today as most of them were curling and were a little irritating


Woke up during the night and struggled to get back to sleep. My thigh muscles were a little achy but also my bum muscles were really aggravating me which I think was the main reason I was unable to get back to sleep. After a while I decided to sit up on the edge of the bed, with the walker in front of me and gently massaged my bum muscles. This appeared to do the trick and I did get back to sleep.

Still doing exercises but being a little more restrained with them to help my muscles recover.

Day 25

Today I had a bad night’s sleep although there is no logical explanation. I went to to bed at 11pm and was awake until around 1.30am. I woke up at 3.30am and went back to sleep at 5am for 2 hours. At 7am I was unable to go back to sleep.

It is becoming tiresome lying on my back because I’m not allowed to sleep on my side yet. I also know my incision is still tender and side sleeping would be difficult. I also don’t want to get up too early because sitting is tiresome also.

I will listen to either music, podcast or audiobook for a while laid in bed.

My walking is becoming a little more fluid and I managed to sit outside in the fresh air for a while this afternoon.

Day 26


Feet at 9am after sleep and 30 minute elevation                                            Feet at 11am. Swollen and still numb.

Tried to walk with one crutch. I seemed to be able to walk more fluidly with one crutch but it was a strain on my operated leg muscles. I decided I would try to walk up and down the hallway occasionally to see if it helps.

Day 27

I had a good night’s sleep but again woke up early. Feet were not too bad on waking but were soon swollen once out of bed. I am going upstairs twice during the day to elevate my legs and also to do exercises. I re-introduced the tip toes exercise but only 5 repetitions instead of 10 to see how my foot feels and whether or not this is aggravating it or not.

Day 28

Had a disturbed night’s sleep. Muscle spasms kept me awake for a good deal of the night. Not being able to turnover does not help but I tell myself that all of this is both normal and to be expected. Foot was not as swollen on waking but it soon started to swell, although it may not have been as bad as it was previously. Had an achy feeling in my thigh, bum and side near incision.

Today I actually had enough patience to pick up the knitting that I abandoned about a year ago.



Walked outside for 10 minutes and even managed to negotiate (on my own) getting a walker up and down the 4 porch steps. Just decided on 10 minutes which I think is a more sensible goal than distance. I walked a little further than I thought I might and then turned around and came home. Weather permitting I am planning a walk outside every other day and to increase the duration each time, taking clues from my body if permissible.

Slow and steady wins the race.