List of items I purchased (with recommendations)





Raised Toilet Seat (with arms)

This is for a standard toilet. I purchased 2 so I could have one in the upstairs bathroom and another on the main level.  This proved invaluable.

Shower chair

This is a must buy piece of equipment. It is unlikely that you will be able to stand a least initially to shower. If you are using an over the bath shower then you will need a transfer seat that attaches to the chair. I was lucky that I found the chair in a thrift store.

2-Wheeled Walker

I also found it an advantage to have another walker upstairs to save carrying it up and down the stairs (yes it is possible) I was lucky that I was given a walker, albeit with no wheels. This provided me with a way of going to the bathroom and to the top of the stairs where I left a crutch for stair climbing.


Walker Glides

I saw other people with these on my first visit to the hospital and bought them to aid movement on a 2-wheeled walker




Extra long metal shoe horn

This is a necessity if you want to get your shoes on or off! Stay away from spring loaded ones because they are known to break. This stainless steel one will not break. It is 60cm long and I am 5ft 3 inches tall and find it easy to use. I decided to pay a little extra to get 60cm instead of 47 cm



I purchased 2 so I could leave one upstairs and one downstairs. It is hard enough getting up and down stairs without having to carry things. They twist from the pick-up part being either in-line or opposing the line of the handle.



Self Wipe Toilet Aid

I bought one of these in advance and within the first few days post surgery I bought another one. Again less to carry up and down stairs.



Cottonelle Wet Wipes (Flushable)

These are not only easier than using toilet paper but you feel a lot cleaner. Aslo the amount of toilet paper they tell you to use eah time is 6 pieces and it does not work anywhere near as well as these wipes. They are flushable also.


Executive Office Chair

This was an expensive buy but I would have needed some kind of chair anyway. The nurse at the hip school recommended this type of chair. 





Feet for Executive Chair

We initially removed the wheels but it both wobbled and scratched the wooden floor. These feet slot in where the wheels go.



Bathroom Handicap Grab Bar

I bought 2 of these, one was placed vertical at the entry to where I step in the shower. The other was placed horizontally on the wall across from the shower head. When I am able to stand it is there to hold on to for stability.


Shower Stall Square Non-Slip Mat

A vital item for shower safety. I looked everywhere for a large square mat and Amazon was the only place I could find it.



Carex Ice Bag

This was an option and it works well but you need lots of ice. It does hold the cold a long time and is flexible to the hip.



Gel Ice Packs

I bought 2 of these after I had already purchased one months prior from Shoppers Drug Mart. This was cheaper and larger than the one from Shoppers and also stays cold longer.


Seat Lift Cushion

This is VITAL. I was using this when I was a car passenger and also when visiting places before surgery and is a vital piece of equipment for the car when coming home from hospital and going to appointments when still under hip precautions. I also found it necessary in the hospital waiting rooms.


Sock Aid

If you want to wear socks then you NEED this. I chose this one because it has a looped cord rather than 2 separate cords. I find this easy to use. Practice before surgery! It will be harder after surgery!!



Leg Lifter

I was not planning to buy one of these, although I was aware of them. I was shown one by a customer st the thrift store I work for and advised to buy it. It has made life a lot easier. I did not realise how heavy my leg would feel after surgery and how difficult it would be to lift it onto the bed.



Bed Risers

I realised a couple of months before surgery that the bed was too low. I only used the large riser which elevates it 5″. If you stack the small 3″ one on the top then total elevation is 8″. I only needed the one large block so I would not know the stability of the 2 together.


D Type Carabiner Clip

I got one of these to hook onto the walker with a bag. I also attach the raised cushion to go places. I ensure whenever I walk down the hallway for exercise or go to the bathroom that I have my cell phone with me.



Digital Thermometer

I decided to buy this as I have no way of knowing if my temperature is out of normal range.I took my temperature for the first 2 weeks. Adult normal temperature is between 36°C and 38°C


Tilting Mobile Laptop Desk Cart

This was ean expensive buy but after researching I decided to pay for what was a better constructed table versus a cheap version. It has been invaluable for both computer work (this blog!) and using as a table to eat from. I will find it useful also after I have healed.




I already had a pair of these slippers but my feet were so swollen they were painfully too tight. I bought a size up in a different colour (to tell the difference) but wear them differently since surgery. The back of the heel can flip down (which is how I wear them normally) but for safety I have them flipped up as a proper heel since surgery. You will need a long handled shoe horn to get them on!



Lock Laces

I wear Dr Marten boots for work and bought these in preparation. I know I will need these due to not being able to tie laces for quite some time. I do not know yet whether or not I can lace them to the top or I have to tie them to the ankle and forego the higher up slots. I should have tried them prior to surgery and am unable to do so yet due to soreness and swelling. However my orthopaedic shoes came with them and they are excellent.