Day 63

Surprisingly I did not feel stiff, as I expected, from the long walk yesterday and felt good. However, as the day wore on I got a stomach bug and didn’t go out for a walk.

I made plans today to meet up with a friend for coffee and an appointment to pick up the compression socks as the order had arrived. Being able to drive is very liberating and the ability to make plans is very welcome!

Day 64

I shocked myself this morning because I slept 10 hours. Either the long walk or the stomach bug must have told my body that I needed to rest.

I drove myself to a local store to pick up a birthday card and UK stamp that I needed. It is harder than I expected walking the store and juggling payment and purchases at the cash along with a cane. Just need to take it slowly and realise it will take time.

I walked around the block the opposite way which is a longer walk due to a different lay out of streets. It was a pleasant change and walking slowly I have time to people watch, which can be very interesting.

Day 65


Drove myself to the Rehab appointment to pick up my compression socks. I was taught how to put them on and was told to get rubber gloves to help push them up and also to prevent snagging.  They EACH cost $120 so I only went for this as I have benefits, otherwise it would have been cost prohibitive to buy 3 pairs. At least I could choose nice colours!

The assistant at the Rehab put them on for me, and explained how to do it. I am NOT able to put these on myself because of hip precautions. The way to put them on (mine are knee socks)  is to put your fingers in the toes and your thumb in the heel (like a sock puppet) and turn the sock inside out a short way so the foot is exposed to enable you to put your foot inside. Once your toes are in place you can push (do not pull as it will overstretch) your heel into place, which is difficult, and then push up the sock towards your knee. Ensure to leave a two finger gap between the sock and the back of the knee.

Day 66

Legs and foot are feeling better thanks to the compression socks, however it is giving my husband a work out each morning putting them on for me! They also are best, and will last longer, if they are hand washed.

Walking around the block with the compression socks as well as the orthotics and orthopaedic shoes is a lot more comfortable.

Day 67

Today I went grocery shopping. I drove myself to the store , pushed a cart around the store and picked up a few items. It was harder than I expected it might be, even walking slowly. I was OK lifting the shopping into the car, although a bag worth of groceries was spread into two bags to make it lighter to lift. I decided that I need to do more frequent little trips out to get used to the walking and whole shopping experience.

Day 68

My husband and grown-up sons had free tickets to a local rollercoaster park today but I chose to stay home. Knowing that I can’t participate on the rides was not the only deciding factor in my staying home.  The park is large and it involves a lot of walking between rides. There are places to sit down but, of course, hip  precautions are still in place and could cause an issue. Also the fact that they will be there for hours and hours was a big factor of my decision to stay at home. It was also the kind of park that has a wait time of an hour or more for each rollercoaster ride and whilst my husband does not go on the rides I decided it was too exhausting a day for me to cope with.

It did cross my mind to ask the surgeon about riding rollercoasters in the future, as well as other questions that have crossed my mind. I have mad a note of questions to ask.

Remember I have been told NOT to overdo things!!