Week 8 New Exercises (below)

The following exercises are now gone (for previous exercises click the link below)

Post-operative Exercises week 6-8



Continuing Exercises

                    Bent Leg Lift on Stomach was continued but whilst wearing a boot or shoe on the operated leg.

Straight Leg Lift in Side Lying – I was given a goal to reach the maximum 5 seconds hold/ 10 maximum repetitions.

Supported Leg Stand  – I was given a goal to stand on the operated leg for a full 30 seconds.

NEW Exercises given Week 8

For both of these exercises the instructions are the same, other than the direction of movement. Stand tall holding onto a support for balance. The diagram shows an anchored post but your other ankle is sufficient.

Keep hips level and knee straight. Tighten buttock muscles and then slowly move the operated leg. For the backwards movement keep the foot at the 12 o’clock position.

For both exercises hold 1-2 seconds, relax slowly. Perform 10 repetitions, repeat 3-4 times per day.