Week 8 start !!

Day 50

I walked around the block again, accompanied. I decided that after today that I would attempt the walk around the block in future on my own.  It just needs confidence to attempt things on your own!!

My activity tracker registered over 1000 steps today so things are looking up!

The exercises seem to becoming easier and I can hold the position for longer now.

Day 51

These MILESTONE DAYS are becoming commonplace now! Today I walked around the block ON MY OWN!!!

I also walked to the mailbox again with my cane…I’m not ready to attempt a longer walk yet with a cane. You have to remember to take baby steps. Despite my foot being sore today I did not let it deter me from walking. I cannot allow minor things to affect my progress. It’s all too easy to make excuses to yourself but that won’t fix things.

Today I got a phone call to let me know my Employment Insurance Sickness Benefit claim had been approved. I claimed this online within 2 weeks of surgery but I had 5 weeks paid (3 weeks paid sick leave and 2 weeks paid vacation) so I knew it would be a while before I would hear about this. Service Canada have to wait until my Record of Employment was digitally sent to them after my pay finished.

For EI purposes I have to complete a report every 2 weeks to confirm if I have worked and the amount of earnings.Obviously I am not working and my claim is straightforward. EI pay 55% of your gross pay, which is then taxed.  An interesting fact about EI is that only your earnings are taken into account for the purpose of claiming EI. Savings are not taken into account nor is my UK pension because it is not earnings. I know from working for a UK benefit office that not only are savings over a certain amount taken into account and, most definitely a pension would be classed as an income.

Day 52

Just a normal day, foot was sore but I still walked around the block and to the mailbox. I still walk the block with a walker. I am now able to hold the exercises for longer and do more repetitions. It is surprising how you can improve in the 2 weeks between physio appointments.

Day 53

Normal day for exercises and walks and foot still sore, but today I received a follow up courtesy call from the hospital acknowledging I had had surgery and asking how everything had gone and if I was satisfied with the hospital and the staff. I told them that surgery had gone very well, my recovery was on track and I have been treated very well both during surgery and recovery.

The money for my EI claim was in my bank account today, so from approval to being paid took 2 days.

Day 54

Today, disappointingly I was told that the orthotics had not yet arrived, so Monday’s appointment was moved to Wednesday next week.

Today I went for 2 WALKS around the block.  Providing I feel up to the walk and it isn’t raining I plan to walk around the block twice in a day.

Day 55 

Walked the block again. I did not walk twice due to the weather being bad. Sometimes my foot bothers me more on these walks than my hip, which doesn’t really bother me at all. The muscles in my thigh will sometimes be a little sore but that is a result of exercising them.

Day 56

I work in a large thrift store and went to visit today. It was not to shop but more to visit friendly faces and see how I coped going somewhere whilst walking with a cane. Getting in and out of the car is the same ritual as with a walker but at this stage movement is easier and was not a problem. I managed almost an hour and did a little bit of walking around. I did feel an ache in my thigh later on in the day but any new exercise or more of the same exercise is always felt later.

Today I had the idea of trying out my line dance shoes instead of running shoes. The shoes are not specifically line dance shoes (that is my purpose for them) but are street , hip hop dance shoes. They are shaped differently and hold your foot a little better despite being flexible unlike orthotics. My walk around the block was much better due to these shoes today.

Even when not mentioned in a post, I am diligently doing exercises 3 times per day, and raising my legs 3 times a day, once on waking and twice more throughout the day.