Day 83 – 12 weeks today since surgery

It has been a long 12 weeks and  I know there is still a long way to go. Today I felt much better and the weight on my cane is less now. I cannot walk without it other than a couple of steps here and there across the bathroom or in the kitchen with counters to hold onto. Depending on the day and how my leg feels I may or may not limp. The aim is to be able to walk unaided without a limp. The hard work put into the exercises will be worth it.

I have spent the last few weeks knitting a Fair Isle jacket (saved me from Netflix overload) and today I did a little bit of sewing. My patience and concentration are back to normal and today with a cushion to help me sit down at the correct height (hip precautions are still in place) I managed to sit at my sewing table. Things are starting to feel a bit more normal.

Day 84

Today was a VERY good day. I went to take my car in for the seasonal tires to be changed over. It is later than I would normally do this but both myself and my car have been out of commission for a while.

I went grocery shopping, using a cart, but found it WAY easier today than it has been before. The Milestone was deciding to walk around the block with just a cane. I did it in 13 minutes, including stopping to check the mail box. That was as good as the first walk around the block with the walker which seems like forever ago now.

Day 85 – Physio appointment

Today I had exercises taken away, some to continue and, of course, new ones. I am told I’m doing well and on track. I did mention that it feels like a myth that at 12 weeks everything will be 100% and you’ll be gung- ho. The Physio assured me that 12 weeks isn’t a magic number and things don’t just go away at that point in time. I also mentioned that the exercises with the resistance band are, I know, building up strength and endurance but they are the hardest yet. The Physio agreed with me and confirmed that they are the hardest. I also asked when I would be allowed to sit up in bed to read. I was told more towards the 6 month mark! She mentioned that between 3-6 months the precautions will slowly be taken away.

Day 86

Cleaned the kitchen counters and appliances today. Attempted this in stages with a sit down (and cup of tea!) in between sessions. It is hard standing for an hour to do tasks. My thighs hurt afterwards. At this stage I cannot see myself being able to go back to work and being able to stand for periods let alone walk without a cane. My surgeon’s appointment is in just under 2 weeks and I already know I won’t be strong enough. I think the best thing is to accept things as they are, whilst doing my utmost to improve and work on strengthening the muscles.

Day 87

Today I cleaned a little more and did some shopping in preparation for a couple of friends to come round for a BBQ. The new exercises are hard on my thighs so I am glad I have learnt to not overdo exercises now. Cleaning and shopping is all good exercise to help keep moving, and shopping is good for walking.

Day 88

Today we had friends round for a BBQ, so this morning I stood preparing food for just over an hour. It was hard to stand so long in one spot. I do take several steps across the kitchen without the cane every so often, although, depending on the day it hurts or not.

I discovered I can get down the steps to the back garden by holding onto the door in lieu of the fact there is no hand rail. I still use the raised cushion and ensure my hip precautions are not being broken.

Day 89

Today I took it a little easier because yesterday was tiring, but at least the new exercises seem to be getting a little easier. There are some days my thigh muscles hurt irrespective of doing exercises or not. Just have to be determined to carry on and do them. On days when I hurt I just don’t do as many repetitions but I still do them.  If I seriously am in pain, which is rare these days, I will miss the exercise that has caused the pain but still do the rest.

I just randomly do a few step ups and side steps throughout the day,  on the aerobic step that I placed in the kitchen.

This is all helping to strengthen muscles. I can now walk upstairs step over step most days with support from the hand rail and cane, but find it difficult to come down the same way due to the bakers cyst behind my left knee (good leg.)

This is now the 12 weeks mark, so I will now do a weekly update rather than a daily breakdown.