February 13, 2019

By now I am in so much pain and went to this appointment hoping I could finally have a firm date for surgery that was not going to be stalled by any more problems.

Meeting with the surgeon, whilst I was not pleased the surgery had been cancelled in January, the surgeon was glad it did not go ahead. This was mainly due to the fact that I showed a 2.5% (low) allergy to nickel and the ball of the implant would have been metal containing nickel. I have to be thankful that this delay was for the best. The thought of going through surgery, having a reaction to the metal and then facing another surgery to remove and replace the implant would have been extremely bad. It would have been a far worse recovery and severe trauma to the body.

I was shown the ball that would now be inserted, which is a (pink) ceramic ball, along with a titanium stem. The screw to hold the socket in place will also be titanium. Handling the ball it brought to mind a snooker or pool ball. Researching ceramic implants it appears to be a long lasting option and is being used in younger patients with the hope that a revision will be many years down the road. I have read that an expectancy of 25 years is possible.

New dates

Due to my hospital Pre-Op being done last December 7, 2018 and only being valid for 3 months, it was now necessary to go through the pre-op appointments again, both with my GP and the hospital. As the surgeon said… “that sucks”.

Appointments coming up:

Doctor Pre-op – March 7, 2019

Hospital Pre-op – March 14, 2019

Surgery – April 1, 2019