Making your home safe

  • Install stair railings where appropriate
  • Check furniture placement and height
  • Ensure sturdy armchair is available
  • Remove tripping hazards (floor rugs, mats etc)
  • Store needed items within reach (plates, dishes, tinned food)
  • Install a nightlight in hallways, bathroom or any dark areas.

You will also require assistance with household duties,self care,pet care,meal preparation,transport to appointments and arranging your equipment.

It is recommended you have someone stay with you for at least one week following surgery or that you stay with friends and family. If this is not possible then you need to consider Respite Care. If you choose Respite Care they normally only provide meals. There will be someone on site who can help with any concerns. Additional services such as help with self care will be an additional expense. If you choose Respite Care then all medical forms and requirements such as chest X-rays must be completed by your family doctor and submitted to the facility of your choice prior to surgery.

Ensure you have all the needed equipment prior to surgery. You will need this as soon as you arrive home after surgery.