Out with the old !!

Week 6 extra exercises (below)

The following exercises on the first sheet I was given on Day 2 discharge from hospital are now GONE!


Also gone are the following from week 2


Continuing Exercises



New Exercises given week 6

Knee Bend on Stomach with Strap

Lie on stomach with knees together and pillow positioned under hip (as needed) for comfort. Keeping front of hips on bed , slowly bend the knee of your operated leg.  Add overpressure with the use of a fitted sheet or belt.

It is difficult to use either a belt or a fitted sheet on your own. I found it much easier with the use of the leg lifter.

Hold 1-2 seconds for 10 repetitions. Repeat 3-4 times a day.

Straight Leg Lift in Side Lying

Lie on non-operated side,  with bottom leg slightly bent and top leg straight. A pillow may be used between your knees for comfort (as needed.) Keeping your hips level and knee straight throughout the movement, slowly raise operated leg (2-3 inches.)

Hold 2-5 seconds, slowly relax.  Perform 5-10 repetitions, repeat 3-4 times per day.

* To keep hips level I was advised to think of your hips as headlights of a car. They both need to be facing forwards and not one upwards to the ceiling.

Exercises I was NOT given due to a good range of motion

I wanted to mention the following exercises because they would normally be introduced at the 6 week mark. It may well be the case that these exercises are given to you, so I wanted to ensure they were mentioned.

Supported Standing Lunge

Position your body as shown, with your operated foot behind. Point hips and feet directly forward.

Tuck your tailbone under and slowly lean forwards.  Hold 30 seconds then slowly relax.

Perform 3 repetitions, repeat 3-4 times  per day.

Supported Standing Hip Abduction

Stand tall, holding onto support. Keep your torso level and knee straight.

Slowly raise your operated leg out to the side, with toes facing 12 o’clock position.

Hold 1-2 seconds, slowly relax. Perform 10 repetitions, repeat 3-4 times per day.


Lie on non-operated side, with legs slightly bent and ankles together. A pillow between your knees ma be used for comfort (as needed.)

Keeping your hips level and ankles together throughout the movement, slowly raise the operated leg level with torso (2-3 inches.) Avoid rotating your hips backwards.

Hold 2-5 seconds, slowly relax. Perform 5-10 repetitions, repeat 3-4 times per day.