Day 56

Today when I woke up my right thigh is sore and it’s sore when I move. I walked around the block thinking it may help to ease the muscles but it was a very hard walk and it did not help at all. I decided not to do a second walk around the block as well as deciding to avoid the exercises that stretch the thigh muscles.

After the walk I sat down  and 30 minutes later when I got up to walk across the kitchen with a cane I felt shaky which confirmed that I would take it a little easier the rest of the day.

Day 57

Woke up with my thigh feeling much better, proving it is advisable to ease up when things hurt. My problematic knee still bothers me and  am still swollen which aggravates my knee. My foot is sore although it doesn’t seem as bad today.

I walked to the mailbox with a cane and walked the block later on in the early evening due to the weather. As good as it is to walk, there is no fun in walking in the rain!

Day 58

Physio 8 week follow up

The physiotherapist is very satisfied with my progress and told me I am doing extremely well. I am way on track and she can tell that I am totally compliant and she can see a huge improvement in the last 2 weeks. I have 2 more appointments booked at 10 and 12 weeks but I may not need the 12 week appointment because I am doing well.

I asked how many people are not compliant and I was told there are more people non compliant than are compliant. There are many people that make excuses for not doing exercises.

Ask yourself if you want to get back to being 100% and walking without pain or a limp?

If you have had a hip replacement you are NOT doing yourself any good by not doing exercises diligently.


I have had some exercises taken away and have been given some new ones. Some of the ones I am finding difficult to do the maximum time for holding and repetitions are ones I am still working on to reach the maximum. One of the most difficult ones is the one leg bridge so she suggested I bend my knees as I lie on the bed and it is easier and less strain on the lower back.

I have been given new exercises that include a Theraband which is a resistance band. For the moment I am using it around my ankles to give resistance when I do the Hip Extension and Hip Abduction exercises. This cost me $10 at the hospital and later the same day I discovered the same item for $5 at the Rehab place where I went for orthotics.

I can drive !!

As far as driving goes, I was advised to make sure that I have enough control to be able to hit the brake in an emergency situation. I sat in the car on a cushion, not forgetting hip precautions are still in place, and made sure I felt comfortable moving my foot from accelerator to brake. Luckily I have an automatic car which makes life easier but in Canada, of course, the right foot is the foot we use to drive. Once you are using a cane and can move in and out of a car successfully then it is possible to drive once you are told it is OK.

I had to wait until the weekend to attempt to drive because I needed a passenger for safety the first time. I had already thought about this but was also advised to do this.

Orthotic fitting

Orthotic shoes are now modern!!

The orthotics cost $550 so unless you have benefit coverage they are very cost prohibitive. The orthopaedic running shoes (pictured above) would have been $210 but are only $100 when purchased with the orthotics. They are a rigid shoe that supports the foot firmly. They forgot to order the compression socks so I will review those later.

A friend took me to my appointment this evening and we decided to go out for dinner to a pub. I took the raised cushion with me and it felt good t0 be out in public and having dinner with a friend.

Day 59

I walked around the block with the orthotics and the orthopaedic shoes. They were comfortable but felt a little strange at first. I kept them on inside the house for a couple of hours to try to get used to them.

Day 60

Again, I kept the orthotics and shoes on around the house for a couple of hours after a morning walk. I also had a second walk around the block later in the day.

Day 61


I drove MYSELF today !!

My husband came along as a passenger in case I struggled a few minutes down the road. I was, however, fine with the driving. I put a cushion on the seat to ensure I was high up enough to not break hip precautions. It is a little more difficult getting in and out of the car with the steering wheel in the way. To get in, I get in the same way I do as a passenger, but the operated leg is going in first which is different and a little trickier with the steering wheel in the way. Also getting out I found that it was easier to get my good leg out first and then,  keeping my hip straight. bend my operated leg at the knee backwards to get out.

I drove to a local drive through ATM and then to a local garden centre for 2 plants. I did as advised and put my cane in the cart and pushed the cart. This was at a local hardware store and the cart was large and heavy.

Driving was fine, as long as you can handle the pedals, are off narcotics and your reactions are quick then you be will good.

Day 62


Today I walked one way of our local annual street sale. It was tough going after a while but I took the walker, as advised, and took it slow and steady. I walked one way and sat on a bench at the end whilst I waited for my husband to walk back and get the car to come for me.

It was a sunny day and warm and it felt really good to be amongst people and chat to people I know. When I looked up online how long the walk was, it was only 1.4km but it felt like miles!! I was tired and very proud of myself for managing this walk.

I didn’t take another wall today as I considered the street sale walk was sufficient for today.

It was a good week for milestones and achievements!